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As an artist, sculptor, writer and designer Tom Brewitz continues to generate a body of work in a career that spans 25 years. He creates wind-generated outdoor and hand generated indoor kinetic sculpture with brushed stainless planes that move gracefully, reflect environment and dazzle the eye. The playful Calder-like hanging mobiles Brewitz produces are in constant motion and very colorful.

Indoors, his work creates a sense of interaction and movement between the sculptural elements and the viewer. A soft touch sends the elements on an enchanting dance. At rest, his work stands majestic, counter-poised and aligned.

An orange sky or blue shirt are reflected by the stainless medium as the motion reveals relationships between juxtapose geometric elements. His lively mobiles provide entertainment that is an ever changing drama of color, shape and whimsy.

“I find shape and color contrasts have tensions and harmony that can be brought together to excite the visual senses”,Brewitz says of his sculpture. Motion in his work is often mistook for being motorized or electrically produced. Stimulating color schemes, geometric combinations set to motion and the study of balance are the key to Brewitz’ kinetic work.

Brewitz began as an artist when, as a child he drew from photos and life. As a young man traveling Europe, South America, Africa and numerous islands his interest in art and architecture lead him to appreciate the work of the Italian, French, German and Spanish masters. And, while studying Art History at the University of Minnesota, he rediscover the architects of the world and contemporary masters of sculpture as Picasso, David Smith, Yaacov Agam, George Rickey .

In the 1970’s Brewitz began working with metal and learned to predict how balance and motion can be exploited for maximum visual impact. He developed the balance and brush finish that has given his work a broad appeal during exhibits in the early 1980’s. And, as he developed his mastery of kinetic sculpture, Brewitz also took a career in graphic design. His commercial artist skills leads him to create logos and printed materials including magazines, advertising and promotional material. Today he still enjoys working as a corporate image consultant for

Brewitz contributes to the art scene in South Florida and donates his time to several worthy, charitable organizations including the Wounded Warriors Project, Lakeview Hospice, Good Samaritan Foundation, Salvation Army, Boys & Girl Clubs of Broward County, Wishes & More, MDA and more.

His sculpture has been enjoyed by private collectors, businesses and audiences for over two decades. Brewitz Kinetic Sculpture has emerged in collections in Australia, Europe, and Latin and North America.

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